Sunday, 15 January 2012

So we've established I'm rubbish at keeping this up to date! :)

The first two lessons of the Beauty Therapy course arrived - Lesson 1 done and posted back - fingers crossed for a good mark!! :) :)

OH is back from Iraq for four weeks so the Leap Year blanket has fallen behind by seven days so far so must schedule in some catch-up time!

Square 5:

Pattern here

Square 6:

I'm hoping the "squiffiness" to the bottom left of the zero will not be noticeable once it's put together! :D

Pattern here

Square 7:

This was done to celebrate OH's return from Iraq for four weeks :) :)

Pattern here

Square 8:

To celebrate "The King's" birthday on 8th January

Pattern here

I've also got a "big" project on the go which is this GORGEOUS cardi - it's definitely one that's going to need blocking.  Back done so far along with a sleeve and left front and right front started - woohoo!! :)

This week was also our first "official" week back with home ed - we worked ourselves into it gently with a bit of Reading Eggs for Lily, Studyladder and building a robot :) - also first week back to our Home Ed group (Butterflies - there will be a square to commemorate this!) where we did some lovely laminated handprint poems and calendars :)

 And now I think we're up to date with everything :) :)

Have fun in all that you are doing xxxxx

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Windy and wet (and the weather's not great either!)

The Leap Year Blanket is still on track - woohoo :)

Square 3:

Yes, it's a bit squiffy but maybe once it's edged and joined .................. we'll see :)

Square 4:

My favourite one so far :) - pattern is here

So we're not quite ready to start back with any "official" home ed yet.  We've mooched around a bit on Studyladder, Reading Eggs and Education City, looked into some ballet classes for Missymoops and Rainbows - and Cubs/Scouts for the Bean so a bit of gentle integration with "people" :)

We've been in touch with some friends who we "grew apart" from towards the latter part of last year so now is the time to build bridges and accept that we're all different and embrace everyone for who we/they are :)

Apart from a small dose of the lurgy, 2012 has started happy and healthy - and long may it continue.

Still awaiting course materials for the Beauty Therapy course - I really have ZERO patience ;) :D

Healthy eating/weight loss is going well - if we don't count those half a dozen chocolate digestives whilst watching Mamma Mia tonight!! :D :D - but hey, we all need a treat sometimes huh??!


Monday, 2 January 2012

New Year, New Me (AGAIN)

So 2012 is here before we know it - this year's plans:

1. Start Beauty Therapy course.
2. Lose weight (again! :D )
3. Start (and complete) the Leap Year Blanket
4. Have some major meltdowns over autonomous Home Ed - then realise all's good and carry on

So I enrolled for the Beauty Therapy course - now I've just got to wait for their office to open before I get my coursework - quite excited and REALLY looking forward to it and getting out and about and playing/practising on people! :) :)

Two squares completed on Leap Year Blanket.
Square one:

Pattern is here.

Square two:
Pattern is here.

So far, so good - but we're only on day 2 so far!! :) :) xxx